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City Event Partnerships

Events are an integral part of a community's life and identity. The City of Santa Monica may support these activities by partnering on community events that reasonably relate to specific government functions, goals, or initiatives. The City's involvement in these events may take one of two forms: co-production or sponsorship.


What type of City partnerships are available?

Co-Production: An event co-produced by the City is one that involves significant City staff involvement in all aspects of event planning and production, including creative direction, funding and fund development, marketing and media relations, staffing, and other support services.

Sponsorship: This involves an agreement by the City to support an event produced by a community organization or group that reasonably relates to and/or advances City goals, objectives, and initiatives. While the City may participate in event planning, major event production is the responsibility of the organization and non-City staff. The City may assist with marketing, and possibly event staffing, but is not integral to whether or not an event takes place, ensuring total funding, scheduling, and event design or production.


How do I know if my event is related to the work done by a City Department, Division, or Office?

You need to do your research. Department mission statements are included in the Department Summary section of the City's adopted budget ( Contact the Department whose mission or goals most closely relate to the purpose of your event to discuss whether a partnership is feasible and appropriate. Note: Partnerships are at the discretion of each Department - not all Departments partner on events.


How do I ask the City to partner on my event?

First, continue reading these FAQs. Then, directly contact the prospective department, division, or office to discuss the feasibility and appropriateness of a partnership. Next, complete and submit the online Event Partnership Application including the proposed event budget form. Your application will be reviewed by the prospective partner department, division, or office staff for completeness and consideration.  


How far in advance of an event should I apply for a partnership?

If you'd like to co-produce an event with the City, you should submit your partnership application at least 90 days in advance of your event. If you're interested in the City partnering with you as a sponsor, submit your application at least 60 days in advance. Keep in mind that more time may be needed for new partnerships, first-time events, events requiring extensive planning, and events with long marketing lead times.


How long will it take to find out if my partnership request has been approved?

After your application & proposed budget have been received, your requested partner Department, Division, or Office will respond within 10 business days to let you know the status of your application and/or when a decision regarding your partnership request will be made. Timing of a final decision may vary depending on the type and complexity of your event, the type and amount of support sought, and the timing of the application submission in relationship to the Department's regular work. 


Will I need permits for my event if I'm partnering with the City?

City co-production or sponsorship of your event does not circumvent applicable permitting processes. Depending on the size, location, and set-up of an event, a community events and/or other permits may be required. For more information, visit


The Partnership Application asks about 'event reach'. What does this mean?

You will need to let us know whether your target audience is local, regional, or beyond.

Local events are primarily attended by Santa Monica residents. Event promotion and media coverage is generally limited to local Santa Monica outlets. These events benefit the Santa Monica community.

Regional events may be attended primarily by residents of Santa Monica and surrounding areas. Event promotion and media coverage is broad enough to cover outlets beyond Santa Monica but generally stay within Los Angeles County. Benefits of the event are seen locally, with limited benefit throughout the region.

Major events target and are attended by local, regional, national, and potentially international participants. Promotion and media coverage extends beyond Los Angeles to national and international outlets. Benefits are seen regionally and locally.


What else should I keep in mind when requesting a City Event Partnership?

The Proposed Event Budget is a required part of the application. It must include any support (cash, fee waiver, in-kind, or other contributions) that will be requested from the City. Partnership applications will NOT be reviewed until the Proposed Event Budget Form has been completed and received by the City.

If your partnership is approved:

  • Your organization may be required to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding or other agreement with the City that outlines the terms and conditions of the partnership.
  • The City's Risk Manager may require that the partner organization obtain certain types of insurance.
  • You will be required to participate in the City's post-event evaluation. This includes submission of a detailed budget of actual event expenses, contributions, and revenue.


Who can I call if I have questions about this process?

Contact the City Department, Division, or Office you would like to partner with. If you're not sure who to partner with, contact Community Events staff for general information. Call 310-458-8300 or email for help. Please note: The primary function of the Community Events Office is to issue community event permits. The Office does not partner on events.

Event Partnership Forms

Event Partnership Application

Proposed Event Budget

City Post-Event Evaluation

Actual Event Budget

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