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Other Requirements and Forms

Before an Event Permit is issued the following will be required by the Community Events Office:

Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement

For Category 1 events, the City may require general liability insurance in the amount of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence. In addition, some events may require auto, liquor, participant or garage-keeper’s liability and may involve higher limits. Click here for the Indemnity and Hold Harmless Agreement.

Insurance Requirements

Event organizers have the option of purchasing a liability insurance policy from the city to meet established requirements for holding a permitted community event. The insurance coverage protects both event organizers and the city from possible claims for personal injury or property damage which could arise from a permitted event. This optional insurance may be purchased by the day; its cost is dependent on the number of days, the size and the type of event to be insured. Please contact the Community Events Office at (310) 458-8300 for more information.

Clean-Up / Damage Deposits

Depending on the specifics of the event, a refundable clean-up/damage deposit may be imposed for Category 1 events. The following is the minimum deposit schedule:

0-500 People- No food/drink: $0; with food/drink: $500
500-1000 People- No food drink: $500; with food drink: $1,000
1000+ People- No food/drink: $1,000; with food/drink: $1,500

Event organizers are responsible for ensuring that the event area is cleaned and that all litter is removed immediately following the close of the event. Failure to do so will forfeit the clean-up/damage deposit. If City property is destroyed or damaged by reason of event permittee’s use, event, or activity and the damage or destruction is directly attributable to the permittee, the permittee will reimburse the City for the actual replacement or repair cost of the destroyed or damaged property.

Film Permits

Filming at events in Santa Monica requires a Film Permit from the Public Works Department. For more information visit Filming in Santa Monica.

Fire Department Permits

The Fire Department reviews and approves event site plans to ensure that the set-up does not impede emergency vehicle access and that there is adequate exiting at the event. The Fire Department also approves the use of tents/canopies, cooking/open flame devices, vehicle fuel, generators, and pyrotechnic special effects.Depending on expected attendance and other factors, the Fire Department may determine that there is a need for an on-site Fire Safety Officer. The event organizer will be charged the full cost of the Fire Safety Officer’s time.

Neighbor Notification

For Category 1 events, residents and businesses within 500 feet of an event, must be notified in writing if there will be amplified sound or live music outdoors or in a tent (except for brief, intermittent announcements) or if the event requires a street closure(s). The notice will include a brief description of the event, date and time of event, the name of a contact person, and a means for reaching the person during the event (e.g., cell phone, etc.) in case there is a problem. Fees vary depending on the location of the event. Click here for Estimate of Event Fees.

On-Site Event Liaison

Large or complex Category 1 events will be required to hire a dedicated City-assigned on-site event monitor. The event organizer will be charged the full cost of the event monitor’s time.

Parking & Transportation Management

A Parking and Transportation Management Plan is required for all Category 1 events. Category 2 and 3 events are required to comply with a City-provided Plan if one has been established.

Police & Security Plan

The Santa Monica Police Department will determine if police will need to be hired for the event to ensure public safety, keep the peace, enforce relevant laws, codes and ordinances, and assist with crowd control.

Recycling at Community Events

The City of Santa Monica is committed to the Sustainable City policy and goals adopted by the City Council in 1994 and strongly encourages recycling at events. This policy was initiated "as a way to create the basis for a more sustainable way of life—one that safeguards and enhances our resources, prevents harm to the natural environment and human health and sustains and benefits the community and local economy—for the sake of current and future generations." The Resource Recovery and Recycling Office will provide you with a checklist that is intended to help you prepare a comprehensive recycling and waste management plan for your event.

Serving or Selling Food at Community Events

Events that are open to the public and will involve the serving or selling of food, will be required to obtain a Health Permit from the Los Angeles County Health Department. Except for City-produced events, outdoor cooking is only permitted in parks where there are existing grills or in the beach parking lots.

Valet Permit

A valet permit is required if any part of the valet operation will utilize a public right of way. Valet companies must also provide proof of garage keeper’s legal liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and have a current Santa Monica business license.

Vending & Business Licenses

For information on the vending and business license requirements for community events, click here.

Additional Requirements (Required of Some Events Depending on Specific Plans)

Accessibility at Community Events

Alcohol Sales and Consumption at Community Events

Building and Safety Requirements for Community Events

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