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Applications for 2020 permits will be accepted beginning December 2, 2019 and processed as received, except for Palisades Park and Reed Park Small, Medium and Large Group permits.

Applications for 2020 Palisades Park and Reed Park permits will be accepted December 9, 2019 – December 30, 2019 for priority processing. A maximum of 15 small group permits and a maximum of 15 medium or large group permits will be issued for Palisades Park. A maximum of 15 small, medium or large group permits will be issued for Reed Park.  If more applications are received during the priority application period than available permits, a lottery will be held for issuance of permits. Permits remaining following the priority application period, if any, will be issued from applications received on a first-come, first-serve basis until filled. 

Trainers who commit to using Reed Park exclusively will have the annual use charge waived (other fees still apply) and be part of the ongoing transformation and activation of the space.

Rules For Commercial Fitness or Athletic Instruction, Classes or Camps at Public Parks and the Beach

Rules for fitness or athletic training in Santa Monica's public parks and at the beach have recently been adopted. Anyone conducting a camp, class, or other type of fitness instruction on public space for compensation will be required to get a City permit and follow set parameters.

Why has the City of Santa Monica established new rules?

Santa Monica's parks and the beach are shared public resources that exist for everyone to enjoy. The heavy use of these public spaces requires careful management in order to ensure that they are available to all and in good condition.

Who needs a permit?

If you train, instruct, or lead a fitness or athletic camp or class for compensation - financial or in exchange for goods or services - in Santa Monica's parks or at the beach, you are required to obtain a permit and follow the City's rules in addition to obtaining a business license and police permit as applicable.

Where can I find a list of approved instructors?

List of Approved Instructors

How do I apply?

Click here for the Full Application Packet

What are the rules?

Depending on size of the group, commercial instruction may take place at the Beach and at the following parks only, during the hours of 6 am - 9 pm daily. Additional restrictions apply for Palisades Park - see below. Commercial fitness or athletic instruction of any size is prohibited at any park not listed below.

  Small Group
(1-2 participants)
Medium Group
(3-10 participants)
Large Group
(Over 10 participants)
Airport Park yes yes yes
Barnard Way Linear Park yes no no
Beach Green yes yes yes
Beach Park 1 yes yes yes
Clover Park yes yes yes
Crescent Bay Park yes no no
Douglas Park yes yes yes
Hotchkiss Park yes yes yes
Marine Park yes yes yes
Memorial Park yes no no
Ocean View Park yes yes yes
Palisades Park* yes yes yes
Reed Park yes yes yes
South Beach Park yes yes yes
Stewart Street Park yes yes yes
Tongva Park yes no no
Virginia Avenue Park yes yes (Mon-Fri) no

Full List of Rules & Requirements >

* Palisades Park Restrictions

Permits are not valid north of Marguerita Ave or on Sundays. Medium and large groups (limited to a maximum of 15 participants) are valid in the following zones only, with no more than 2 groups at any one time in each zone:

  • Zone 1: Palisades Avenue to Alta
  • Zone 2: Montana Avenue to Palisades Avenue
  • Zone 3: Immediately north of Idaho Avenue
  • Zone 4: Wilshire Blvd to north public restroom

For information on zone closures due to rain or maintenance please call the field conditions information line 310-458-8643 ext. 3

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How much do permits cost?

The annual permit fee ranges from $121.77 - $182.66
Quarterly use charges from $225 - $2,025, depending on size of group and location.

What if I train exclusively at Reed Park?

Trainers who commit to using Reed Park exclusively will have their quarterly use charge waived.

How do I get future notifications?

To join our interest list email: or 310-458-8237

Who do I talk to if I have concerns or questions?

To report an incident that needs immediate assistance please call the Santa Monica Police Department at 310-458-8491.
For all other comments, concerns or questions email us at or call 310-458-8237.

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 For more information:

For current field conditions, please call 310-458-8643, ext. 3

Application Packet:

Application Form
Requirements and Rules
Gym and Fitness Protocols
Fees, Charges, and Reports
Insurance Requirements
Quarterly Report Form
Ordinance 2441-CCS



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