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The Miles Playhouse

Rental Rates, Policies & Schedule


The Miles Memorial Playhouse charter, as approved by the City Council, states that the Miles Memorial Playhouse is solely available to non-profit organizations presenting performing arts events (music, theater, and dance) that are open to the general public and appropriate for youth. ("Youth" is defined as 24 and under.) We are also available for general performing arts-related rehearsals, single events and readings when schedule allows.

The Playhouse is booked 6 MONTHS IN ADVANCE. Proposals for calendar months March - July must be received no later than the third Friday in SEPTEMBER. All proposals received by this day will receive priority consideration for March - July of the following year. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial by the end of September. Proposals for calendar months August - December must be received no later than the third Friday in March. All proposals received by this day will receive priority consideration for August - December of the coming year. Applicants will be notified of acceptance or denial by the end of March. Please allow the widest range of possible dates for your production within those time frames.

We DO NOT rent the playhouse for private events such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, benefits, fundraisers, birthday parties or social clubs. We DO NOT rent the playhouse to "For Profit" entities or producers unless they are affiliated with a non-profit and dedicating proceeds to that approved organization.


Third Friday in March - For all production proposals for the upcoming August-December time period.

Third Friday in September - For all production proposals for the upcoming March-July time period.

NOTE: January and February are RESERVED for the City-produced "Fireside at the Miles" Series.

RENTAL RATES: (Divided as follows)

As of 7/1/2015 some of the Miles Playhouse Performance rental rates have increased. If you have any questions about this rate increase please contact Playhouse Director Justin Yoffe at


$800 per week - Includes 25 hours of free load-in tech. Up to 4 shows
$300 per single show. (Only when available - same day load)


Weekly Rental:

A "Weekly Rental" reserves the Theater, Green Room and Auditorium for a user group from Monday at 9AM through Sunday at 11PM, except for 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings of every month (to be discussed with Playhouse Manager).  It includes 25 hours of free time, primarily used during the first week (load-in week) and up to 4 scheduled public performances between Thursday after 6PM -Sunday close at 11PM. Most rentals perform Friday, Saturday night at 8PM and two shows on Sunday (2 and 7). Some choose to do a single show Thursday-Sunday. Others choose to do only two or three shows.

Performance start times are up to user group but must be approved by Playhouse Director.

1 Week Rental = $800 / 3 week rental = $2400 / 4 week rental = $3200 / 6 week rental - $4800

Single Weekend Evening:  

When available, the charge for a single performance beginning on a Thursday-Sunday between 4-8PM will be $300. These rentals are second in priority to full weekend rentals and are only avaiable when schedule allows. Single weekend evening rentals do not include free tech and rehearsal time and these will be billed at $20 per hour, as arranged with Playhouse Staff.

Weekend Matinees:

For those organizations that have already booked a "Weekly Rental", the opportunity to add a fifth show is available for an additional $300 charge.

Single Weekend Matinee:

These are individually scheduled low-tech, low prop shows, geared toward the toddler and pre-teen audience. Space allowing we will allow up to two performance per weekend day but the show must be under an hour in length and struck (clear of the theater) by 4:00PM. For example - a puppeteer wants to do a 45 minute show at 11:00AM on Saturday and Sunday. Space permitting this charged at $150 per show.

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As of Dec. 2004 the Miles Memorial Playhouse is now available to the general public for non-fee charging performing arts-related rehearsals, meetings and readings at the following rates: 

Weekdays before 6pm: $20 per hour
Weekdays 6-11 pm: $30 per hour
Weekends before 6pm: $25 per hour
Weekends 6-11 pm: $35 per hour



The Miles is generally set in a raked Proscenium style set-up with 12 rows. 11 rows of 11 chairs across and one row with 6 chairs across. Alternative set-ups may be accomodated but MUST BE CLEARED with Playhouse Director at time of booking. If you do not make clear you desire to have an alternative set-up when BOOKING, we may not be able to accomodate.


We encourage you to submit proposals of all kinds. When evaluating proposals we will consider the following criteria. The only mandatory criteria is that a user group be a federally recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization or a member of the general public as defined above.

A) Artistic excellence as demonstrated by reviews, awards and/or other documents.
B) Demonstrated financial support and ability of organization to translate vision into a physical reality.
C) Company and programming reflect the diversity of Santa Monica's population.
D) Realistic marketing plan demonstrating specific outreach to Santa Monica youth with adequate budget.
E) Sufficient staffing and organization to meet established guideline requirements.

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