Filming at SMO  Barker event

Film and Photography:  All commercial filming and/or still photography on the Airport requires a film permit.
Film permit application must be submitted at least three full working days prior to the start date to allow for review by Santa Monica Police and Fire Departments.
Strictly personal photography, that is non-comercial and not for distribution, is allowed on the public viewing decks; however no lights, reflectors or generators are permitted,
nor can it interfere with the publics use and enjoyment of the view decks.  

Film Permit Application:  Please contact Film LA at

Film and Photography Fees: New fees will be effective as of 9/1/2013.  Fees for Film and Photography

Film Permit Insurance Requirements: General liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000. Proof of insurance must comply with the following: City of Santa Monica is named as additional insured; Contains a 30 day notice of cancellation provision (10 days for non-payment of premium on certificate); certificate is completed by your insurance company. Shoots involving vehicles, aircraft, animals stunts, and /or liquor will also require insurance coverage for those items/activities and may require higher limits.  

Certificate of Insurance    

Events: All events on the Airport generally require an event permit.  Event Permits must be submitted at least two full weeks prior to the proposed event to permit review by other City Departments.  

Event Permit Application:  Fill out and return the Event Permit Application with a copy of your verification of insurance coverage,and Waste Recovery Plan form to Stella Diaz at 

Event Permit Application Form  

Event Permit Fee:  $471.00  
Event Insurance requirements Events involving alcohol, vehicles, aircraft, etc will require insurance coverage for those items and may require higher limits. 
Waste recovery plan  (required to be completed, signed and submitted with application) 

For further information regarding filming or event permits, and to submit forms,  
Stella Diaz at or at (310) 458.8591.  

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