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To review the new Light Aircraft Cover (LAC) lease, please use this link.
To review the new T-Hangar lease, please use this link.


NOTICE:  New Leasing Fees for Santa Monica Airport Aviation Properties go into effect on Sept. 1, 2013

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 For leasing availability, contact Stella Diaz at (310) 458.2201 x 5435  

Santa Monica Airport Tie-downs, Light Aircraft Covers, Transient  Spaces and Parking rates  


Single Spaces   -     $91.80 per month

Twin Spaces     -     $163.20 per month   



Tie-Down License Agreement









Transient Tie-downs

Single Spaces   -     $15.30 per day

Twin Spaces     -     $30.60 per day

Hangars (Light Aircraft Covers)  - There is a waiting list for light aircraft covers. The price below is only the land rent. The light aircraft cover structure must be purchased from the private owner consistent with the terms of Light Aircraft Cover agreements. Please contact Stella Diaz concerning the waiting list and the Light Aircraft Cover program.

5  Large Rectangle plots (approx. 1,845 sq ft) - $289.75 per month
8  Super T plots (approx. 1,512 sq ft) - $236.07 per month

24 Standard Rectangle plots (approx 1,440 sq ft) - $225.34 per month

28 T plots (approx 1,240 sq ft) – $193.15 per month

Vehicle Parking 

Overnight Vehicular Parking (not within a hangar or tie-down)

$10.20 per night per vehicle

$102.00 per month per vehicle

Note: parking in airport lots is restricted from 3AM to 5AM every night and vehicles without parking passes will be cited and may be towed.

All charges and rental rates set forth above shall be subject to annual CPI increases.

Commercial Operations Permit

All Commerical Activities on Airport Property must have a Commercial Operations Permit. The Commercial Operation Permit Application is reviewed by Airport Staff and the Airport Commission.  

Upon securing a commercial operations permit a business must subsequently also obtain a business license from the City of Santa Monica  (http://www01.smfinancial/licenses/BusinessLicense.htm)

Commerical Operations Permit Application

Santa Monica Airport Sustainability Plan 

Airport Buildings and Parking Lots Map