Leasing Opportunities

In order to provide all interested parties sufficient time to review the available properties, City staff will hold a second open house on June 14, from 8 am to 10 am. From 8 am to 9 am the property located at 2501 Airport Avenue will be shown and from 9 to 10, the property at 3011 Airport Avenue will be open for viewing.

Questions from Prospective Tenants

Q. Can hangars and small offices be rented separately or must they be rented together?
The RFP allows bidders to bid for the office or for the office and the hangars together.

Q. What is the overall height of the hangar?
For the hangar located at 3011 Airport Avenue, the height is 29 feet. For the hangar located at 2501 Airport Avenue, the maximum height is 25 feet.

Q. How many parking space are available for the property located at 2501 Airport Avenue?
There are 28 parking spaces.

Q. Is there asbestos in the office spaces?
The City has not tested the buildings for asbestos.

Q. Is the City is intending to repair or replace the doors on the hangar?
The City will either offer the hangar with functioning doors or provide a rent credit in order to put the hangar door in operational condition.

Q. Can tenants remove non-structural walls?
Negotiable. .

Q. It appears the hangar at 3011 Airport Avenue is smaller than the 4,907 Square feet by as much as 500 to 600 feet. Is the City sure of the size of the hangar?
The hangar was measured prior to the RFP. However, City staff will verify the size and if it materially different from what was represented we will post the corrected size on this web page. .

Q. Are there pictures of the interior of the hangars?
Yes. Please see the attached pictures.

2701 Airport Avenue

2701 Interior Photo 1
2701 Interior Photo 2

2701 Interior Photo 3

2701 Interior Photo 4

3011 Airport Avenue

3011 Interior Photo 1

3011 Interior Photo 2

Q. When do you think you’ll be posting interior photos on line?
A. Pictures of the interior have been posted.

Q. My understanding is the Airport has no zoning but I want to verify my business would be an acceptable use.
There is no zoning standards at Santa Monica Airport. Your proposal must complete with all others, including aviation users. You may want to refer to the City’s Airport Leasing Policy of March 22, 2016.

Q. How much parking comes with the hangar and are you able to park in front of what would be the Western wall where it appears to be French style opening doors?
27 space at 2501 Airport Avenue and 5 spaces possibly 7 (depending on striping) at 3011 Airport Avenue

Q. Are you able to give some idea as to the rental rate you’ll be expecting?
The proposal selected will be based on a number of factors, including the rental rate proposed. The City will rent the space based on market rates.

Q. Does the hangar have bathrooms and any office style build out?
There are bathrooms and the office spaces are built out.

Q. Again not binding but was there many people on the walk through and any interest in the hangar?
Representatives from three different companies came to the walk though.

Q. Will the City maintain a 3500 x 150 foot runway with 24 hour PCL, REIL and PAPI lighting for ten years?
The City will maintain a runway that is compliant with the consent decree.

Q. Will the Building and Safety wave permitting fees to bring electrical service and roofing up to code?

Q. Will we be able to meet with Mike Pauly to confirm the scope of work needed to bring the electrical service up to code?
If a bid wants to meet with a City Official to discuss the property that is acceptable.

Q. Under the Exhibit E Statement of Concept it says “Flight Training Operators must comply with all requirements of 14 CFR Part 141.” Can you please clarify what this means exactly? All of the SMO flight schools, Proteus included, are Part 61 rather than Part 141. 
A. Compliance with Part 61 is also acceptable.

Q. Also, I have heard that in addition to the 2015 Appraisal from Buss-Shelgar, there is a new Real Estate Appraisal that was commissioned by the City. Could I please have a copy of this?
A. The only available real estate appraisal report available to the public is the 2015 appraisal from Buss-Shelgar.

Q. Lastly, what does it mean that leases will be “up to” three years? If we are to bear the cost of all of the interior improvements, we need some assurance that we will have a reasonable lease term to recoup those costs.
A. Under the terms of the consent decree aeronautical tenants are to be offered three year lease terms. If you conclude that three years is insufficient time, you are free to propose a longer term and the City will evaluate your proposal.

Q. Is it possible to demolish the buildings and replace them with new buildings provided the new buildings occupy the same footprint?
Given the airport is slated to close in 2028 it is important to provide maximum design flexibility for the future uses that are consistent with Measure LC. A new building may preclude an efficient future land use plan. Therefore, the City will not consider proposals that propose to demolish and replace structures.

Q. Can a bidder submit a proposal that includes both the office and the corresponding hangar?

Q. When is the rent start date?
The rent start date is negotiable based on a number of factors, including proposed tenant improvements and the business plan.

Q. Can the lease be assigned?
In general, the City permits the assignment of leases subject to City approval.

Q. Can the bid include tie-down space?
Yes. The bid should include the number of tie-down spaces request

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