Fixed Wing Propeller Aircraft Procedures

photo: Chad Slattery

SMO Propeller Aircraft Pilot's Guide

VFR Departures

Westerly Flow: Runway 21

Standard traffic pattern is left. Please over-fly the Penmar Golf Course west of SMO. The procedure requires an initial 10° left turn over the VOR and then a right turn to overfly the golf course. Please do not initiate the left 10 ° turn prior to the VOR. 

Special Flight Rules Area: Runway 21

Right climbing 270° turn at shoreline to head southeast along SMO 132 ° radial at 3,500´ MSL. 

Easterly Flow: Runway 03

Standard traffic pattern is right. Turn crosswind over 405 FWY.  

Special Flight Rules Area: Runway 03

Left climbing 270° turn to fly southeast along the SMO 132 ° radial at 3,500´ MSL.  No crosswind turns prior to the 405 Freeway.

VFR Arrivals

Runway 03/21

Maintain pattern altitude or above as long as practical. 

Special Flight Rules Area Arrivals

Contact SMO Tower for north crossing midfield to enter right traffic. 

Fixed Wing VFR Operations Only


Procedures for Special Flight Rules Area



Fixed Based Operators Providing Transient Services

Atlantic Aviation
2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310-396-6770 Frequency: 122.95 MHz
Fuel – JetA, 100LL