Noise Mitigation Policies

Mandatory Restrictions

The following procedures and limitations are enforced per the City’s Aircraft Noise Ordinance. Violations may result in the imposition of fines and/or exclusion from Santa Monica Airport.

  • Maximum Noise Level: 95.0 dBA Single Event Noise Exposure Level (SENEL) as measured 1,500´ from either ends of the runway.
  • Intersection departures are prohibited. 
  • Formation takeoffs and landings are prohibited.
  • Touch-and-go, stop-and-go, and low approaches are prohibited on weekends, holidays and weekdays one-half hour after sunset until 7am the following day.
  • Prior Permission Required from Airport Director for dual wheel aircraft in excess of 60,000 lbs.
  • Helicopter flight training is prohibited.

Mandatory Night-time Departure Curfew

No takeoffs or engine starts, including Auxiliary Power Units (APU) are permitted between 11pm and 7 am Monday through Friday, or until 8am on weekends. Exceptions are allowed for bona fide medical or public safety emergencies. Contact the Airport Administration.

Voluntary Night Arrival Curfew 

11pm and 7am Monday through Friday or until 8am on weekends.  Pilots are requested to avoid all operations during this time period due to the negative noise impact on the community.

Note: Compliance with the Airport Ordinance is mandatory unless deviations are made necessary by weather, ATC instructions or clearance, inflight emergency or other safety considerations.

Fly Neighborly, Fly Quietly

Santa Monica Airport is one of the busiest single-runway general aviation airports in the nation.  The Airport is closely surrounded by noise sensitive residential areas; over 130,000 residents within 2 miles of the Airport. 

In order to mitigate potential negative impacts from aircraft operations and enhance compatibility with the surrounding community, Santa Monica Airport maintains a proactive and extensive noise mitigating program which includes a maximum allowable noise level, limited aircraft operations hours, and requested VFR noise mitigation flight paths and procedures.

This web site introduces you to Santa Monica Airport’s Fly Neighborly Program and will help you operate your aircraft in the quietest manner possible consistent with safety. The Airport staff recognizes that pilots truly are the key to a successful noise mitigation program and greatly appreciates your help and cooperation in making the Airport a good neighbor. 

DISCLAIMER: The procedures described on this web site and SMO’s Pilot Guides are not intended to preempt the prerogatives or responsibilities of the pilot-in-command, conflict with safe aircraft operations, or interfere with ATC instructions or any domain that is the exclusive authority of the FAA.