Jet Aircraft Procedures

photo: Chad Slattery

SMO Jet Pilot's Guide

IFR Engine Start Procedures

Contact Ground Control on 121.9 for IFR clearances. Contact Ground Control one minute prior to actual engine start. Do not start engines prior to advising ATC.




Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) Limitations

Limit APU use to 30 minutes. 

Reverse Thrust Use

Use minimum reverse thrust necessary for safety.

Turbine Aircraft Parking Restrictions

Turbine aircraft are prohibited from parking in the transient parking in the vicinity of the Airport Administration Building. Contact the Airport Administration Office for further information.

Fixed Based Operators Providing Transient Services

Atlantic Aviation
2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310-396-6770 Frequency: 129.375 MHz
Fuel – JetA, 100LL