Helicopter Procedures

photo: Chad Slattery

SMO Helicopter Pilot's Guide

Helicopter Departures RWY 21

Depart via runway heading and execute a slight left turn over the VOR to fly over lenght of the Penmar Golf Course. Please start all turns at shoreline.

Helicopter Departures RWY 03

Depart via runway heading and proceed straight out to 405 Freeway before executing any crosswind turns.

VFR Helicopter Arrivals

Enter midfield 90 degrees to the runway at or above 900 feet MSL and execute a descending turn to the runway. Whenever possible, do not commence descent until established over the Airport or Business Park located north of the runway.

Helicopter Operations (Not for Navigational Use)


Public Use Helipad Parking (Restricted to 2 hours)

The helipad is located on the south side of the runway. When landing on the helipad, avoid flying over the Airport Observation Deck at the Airport Administration building or other aircraft.

For overnight or long term parking please contact Atlantic Aviation.


Fixed Based Operators Providing Transient Services

Atlantic Aviation
2828 Donald Douglas Loop North, Santa Monica, CA 90405
Phone: 310-396-6770 Frequency: 129.375 MHz
Fuel – JetA, 100LL