General Pilot Information

Fly Neighborly, Fly Quietly

In order to mitigate potential negative impacts from aircraft operations and enhance compatibility with the surrounding community, Santa Monica Airport maintains a proactive and extensive noise mitigation program which includes a maximum allowable noise level, limited aircraft operations hours, and requested VFR noise mitigating flight paths and procedures. Airport staff recognizes that pilots truly are the key to a successful noise mitigation program and greatly appreciates your help and cooperation in making the Airport a better neighbor.

For detailed information please refer to the Pilot Guides below:

General Information about Flying at SMO

Landing Fees

The Airport has a landing fee of $5.48 per 1,000 pounds of maximum certificated landing weight. For more information please visit the landing Fee page below:

Landing Fee Information


All aircraft operators are required to register upon arrival (SMMC Section Pilots can register at the Administration Building or FBO, or via the Registration forms are available online

Violation of Noise Code

All violations of the Santa Monica Noise Code are subject to progressive sanctions, including civil penalties and suspension or revocation of Airport privileges or permits.  The table below is an overview of possible sanctions. 

Violation /Penalty Fine/Sanction
Penalty for initial violation Written warning
Penalty for initial repeat or willful  violation $2,000 Fine 
Penalty for Second  repeat or willful  violation   $5,000 Fine
Penalty for Third  repeat or willful  violation $10,000 Fine 
Penalty for Subsequent violations Hearing  and possible 6 month suspension of Airport privileges 

Failure to pay a civil penalty within thirty days after the issuance of an order will result in a separate charge of ten percent of the unpaid amount of the civil penalty, and possible exclusion from the Airport until such time as the penalty and any late payment charge are paid. For detailed information on Enforcement and Appeal, see SMMC

Transient Aircraft Parking

Limited transient parking is available on the yellow spaces in front and east of the Administration building.

Overnight Parking Fees

  • Single Spaces - $18.77 per night   
  • Twin Spaces - $37.55 per night    

Please fill in and drop off your overnight parking fee envelope inside the counter by the entrance of the Administration building.

Pilot’s Lounge

The pilot’s lounge is available inside the Administration building from 07:30 to 20:00 hours. 



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