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Fly Neighborly Program
In order to mitigate potential negative impacts from aircraft operations and enhance compatibility with the surrounding communities, Santa Monica Airport maintains a proactive and extensive noise management program, which includes a maximum allowable noise level of 95dB SENEL, limited aircraft operating hours and requested noise management operating procedures.  The links on the right will provide you with the Airport's brochures as well as manufacturers' procedures specifically designed for the Santa Monica Airport. 

Overnight Transient Parking Fees
Single Spaces   -     $15.30 per day
Twin Spaces     -     $30.60 per day

For a complete list of our fees and leasing oportunities; please go to our Aviation Property Management Page

Pilot/Aircraft Registration (Section After landing, each pilot or his or her representative must comply with all registration requirements prescribed by the Airport Director by regulation including completing a registration form and acknowledging receipt of a summary of Airport regulations.

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Maximum Certified Landing WeightPrior permission is required (PPR) from the Airport Director for dual wheel aircraft in excess of 60,000 lbs certified maximum landing weight.

Operations and Noise Management Office 
for additional information.

Landing Fee Program in Effect (SMMC Section current Landing Fee Program's methodology was implemented August 1, 2013 and requires every aircraft to pay a fee of $5.48 per 1,000 pounds of maximum certificated gross landing weight.

Click here for Landing Fee payment, billing and Fee Scheduling information 

Gate Access Card Program
Persons requesting unescorted access to the Air Operations Area of the Airport must meet the folowing critiria prior to the issuance of Gate Access Card:   

 1.    Verification of use through a rental agreement for hangar or tie down space. Registration documentation for an aircraft and if need be, proof of multiple ownership.
FBO tenants and employees must be named on an FBO supplied cardkey authorization letter from the FBO.
Verification of employment from an FBO based at Santa Monica Airport (i.e. payroll stub, employee ID, etc.) is required.
A current pilot’s license may be required.
Other evidence that may be appropriate and acceptable to the City of Santa Monica to verify legitimate use of facilities requiring airside access at Santa Monica Airport.  

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