The Operations & Noise Management section of the Santa Monica Airport handles all airside projects, the daily operations of the airport and, most importantly, acts as liaison between the community and the flying public to best manage noise emitted from aircraft while arriving/departing the Santa Monica Airport.

The Noise Management Office administers the Airport’s Fly Neighborly Program by informing users of the City’s Airport Noise Ordinance and recognized safe aircraft noise management operating procedures.      

The goal of Santa Monica Airport's Fly Neighborly Program is to educate and seek the cooperation of airport users to use best management procedures to have as little noise impact on our surrounding residential neighbors. We proactively work with aircraft manufacturers to develop methods and techniques that will lower aircraft noise levels. We make contact with pilots & aircraft owners in writing, by phone, by radio and in person to prevent violations to our Municipal Noise Code. Pilots are encouraged to operate their aircraft compliantly and compatibly; and to always keep safety in mind.  Aircraft Operators can also benchmark their performance by contacting our Noise Office radio frequency on 122.85 MHz during business hours to request a real-time noise level reading after each arrival and/or departure.

 Information is available online, on official navigation charts, by phone and through our noise brochures available in our office and at the local fixed based operators. In addition, we are also able to assist pilots by providing a network of reputable pilots & aircraft owners who consistently demonstrate their commitment to operate their aircraft compliantly and compatibly with our Noise Code.

Mailing Address
Attn: Noise Management Office
3223 Donald Douglas Loop South
Santa Monica, CA 90405

Noise Complaint/Information Hotline
(310) 458-8692
(310) 572-4495 (fax)
Email the Noise Management Office a question or comment

Santa Monica Airport Operations Handbook