Directions and Parking

Airport Map


Map Note:  Gunnel Properties and Justice Aviation (effective July 1, 2016) are no longer located at the Airport

Vehicle Parking

There is ample free day-time parking at the airport.  See the Large Interactive Map with Legend for parking locations. 

Overnight Parking

Parking in airport lots is restricted from 3AM to 5AM every night. Vehicles without parking permits will be cited and may be towed. Temporary Overnight Vehicular Parking Permits are available from the Airport Administration Office during business hours only, or contact Public Services Officers after hours by contacting the non-emergency SM Police Dispatch number (310) 458-8491.


$12.51 per night per vehicle         

$125.19 per month per vehicle     

EV Charging Stations

Two Level 2 Electric Vehicle charging stations with preferential parking are available to the public at the Airport Administration Building parking lot.