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Businesses Hit Their Stride with Green Certification

DATE: May 26, 2009
CONTACT: Susy Borlido, Sustainable Works
310.458.8716 x2

The success of Santa Monica’s Green Business Certification Program is soaring to new heights and threading its way into the business supply chain. The Program’s newest members, Morley Builders, Hershey-Cause, Universal Music Group, Healthy Spot and Threshold Media Corporation are strengthening our community’s economic and environmental sustainability. When businesses go green something amazing happens – they partner with businesses that supply green materials, products and services, which in turn support green businesses.

Morley Builders is one of the largest construction and engineering firms in Southern California. Among their many green successes is their ability to divert up to 92% of construction and demolition waste for reuse and recycling. They also require many of their vendors to provide paper products certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or FSC. Hershey|Cause is a communications agency offering marketing and consulting services to socially-minded corporate clients and nonprofit groups nationwide. Hershey|Cause is committed to exemplifying the change it works to create in the world socially, culturally and environmentally. They have implemented numerous green practices at their office and directed their HVAC and pest control service providers to promote and employ environmentally friendly practices. Universal Music Group or UMG, the World’s leading company for recorded music and music publishing, most notable green business achievement was earning the Energy Star label for energy efficiency. An Energy Star qualified facility meets strict energy performance standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency and uses less energy, is less expensive to operate, and causes fewer greenhouse gas emissions than its peers...oh yeah, they also save lots of money too.

Threshold Media Corporation is a recording studio and video post-production facility. Their recent remodel incorporates energy efficient design into their studio, including compact fluorescent lighting retrofits and solar tubes. Solar tubes are a really cool invention that brings daylight via tubes in to poorly lit areas. They also stock their kitchen with reusable plates, mugs and silverware. Lastly when it comes to green practices, Healthy Spot is all bite no bark. Healthy Spot provides preventative and proactive canine care along with eco-friendly products, organic foods and a variety of services ranging from doggie-day care and pet grooming. They are the first pet shop in Santa Monica to achieve Green Business Certification. Healthy Spot purchases a remarkable range of environmentally beneficial pet products from suppliers ranging from USDA certified organic food to non-toxic, organic cotton dog toys and post-consumer content (pcc) recycled crate mats made from plastic bottles.

Green certified businesses can be identified by looking for the GBC decal in their window. For more information on these and all Santa Monica Green Certified Businesses, visit

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