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Our Smoke-free Laws


In Santa Monica, smoking is prohibited in the following areas:

• Within 20 feet of entryways and windows of any buildings open to the public
• In any outdoor dining areas
• At any local beach, park or Farmers’ Markets
• On the Santa Monica Pier
• At the Third Street Promenade and public libraries, including grounds
• At any bus stops, ATM lines or other service areas

Residential common areas, too.

Effective September 9, 2010, the smoke-free areas at multi-unit residential properties now also include a 25-foot radius around all doors, windows, and vents. This includes private balconies, patios, porches, and decks within the 25-foot radius.

The law already covers all common areas accessible to and usable by more than one unit, such as common walkways, play areas, parking lots, and gardens.

Read FAQs on residential common areas>>>

Need help quitting?

There is a variety of resources in Santa Monica that require private insurance or high out of pocket costs, like UCLA Addiction Medicine and Smoking Cessation Program.

Tobacco Free California (800-NO-BUTTS). If an individual has Medicare this program will help them secure quitting aids from their physician or a clinic that includes the patch, nicotine gum, and medication. If the individual is uninsured they can receive free written materials on smoking cessation and one 30-minute initial telephone consultation that offers a detailed plan for quitting. The individual can then call back up to three times for additional support and consultation.

Nicotine Anonymous operates one free meeting at the Unitarian Church in Santa Monica at 1260 18th Street on Tuesday evenings at 7:30. 


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