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Beach Greening Project

Beach Greening project replaced nearly 30,000 square feet of asphalt parking with natural turf.  The turf area and remaining asphalt parking lot are closed to vehicular traffic for most of the year, providing a multi-purpose recreational space for community enjoyment. The new turf includes a reinforced root system that allows vehicular access on the few days of the year that the area is available for beach parking. This project is partly funded by a grant (Proposition 13 Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Grant Program) from the State Water Resources Control Board to mitigate storm-water runoff generated from a beach parking lot by replacing the asphalt with permeable turf. The intent is to demonstrate that turf will allow storm water to percolate into the ground, thus reducing pollutants that discharge into the Santa Monica Bay. If this project is successful, it could result in similar opportunities along the California coast. The project was completed March 3, 2008.


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