What is “Be Excited! Be Prepared”?

“Be Excited! Be Prepared” is a robust communication and community outreach campaign designed to provide the public with as much information as possible about capital improvement projects in the City of Santa Monica. As part of implementing the community’s vision for the future of Santa Monica, there will be several projects under construction in the next few years. This progress is exciting, but will require patience and preparation to handle potential construction impacts. City staff will work actively with community partners to keep residents, businesses, and visitors up-to-date and engaged on the progress of these projects. 

What types of projects will be under construction?

A broad spectrum of projects are planned, including key infrastructure improvements, new parks, civic and cultural facilities, amenities for pedestrians and bicyclists, and parking enhancements. These City projects will be complemented by the arrival of the Exposition Light Rail line to Santa Monica, a major regional transit improvement. Private development will also complement public investment to create vibrant new commercial and residential spaces.

Where and when will these projects be built?

Santa Monica is continuously in the process of updating its infrastructure and improving the City for residents, employees, and visitors. However, the major projects that are the focus of the “Be Excited! Be Prepared” campaign will be under construction from 2011 through roughly 2015. The “Be Excited! Be Prepared” web site features an interactive map that shows where all of the projects are located in the City, and provides estimated construction start dates. The first projects to begin construction are the Expo Light Rail, 20th Street and Cloverfield streetscape improvements, the Ocean Park Blvd Green Street , and The Civic Center Village, Palisades Garden Walk & Town Square, and the Parking Structure 6 rebuild.

How do these projects fit into a broad vision for Santa Monica’s future?

Santa Monica has a well-developed community and strategic planning tradition that involves strong community involvement. The projects being built over the next few years will help realize the vision that Santa Monicans have developed for the City through planning efforts such as the Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE), Civic Center Specific Plan, focused Downtown/Civic Center planning, and the draft Bike Master Plan.

What can I be excited to see once this work is complete?

These projects will bring new amenities and resources to the City in the following ways:

  • Increased opportunities for and access to alternative forms of transportation including transit, walking, and biking. 
  • Exciting new open spaces that will connect the heart of the City.
  • New cultural amenities such as improved performance and theater spaces and a new community library.
  • Improved linkages between the Civic Center, Downtown, and Coastal areas.
  • Parking and circulation improvements.

How can I be prepared for possible construction impacts?

The “Be Excited! Be Prepared” web site features the following ways to stay informed and be prepared:

  • A link to the Know Before You Go web site with information on street and lane closures
  • Sign up information for SM Alerts, which provides Know Before You Go traffic and construction updates via text message or email
  • A comprehensive Facebook page for major city construction updates and streaming Twitter feeds for some major projects currently under construction 
  • A calendar with key construction dates for major public projects
  • A link to real time parking information.

How can I stay informed about the progress of the projects?

The “Be Excited! Be Prepared” web site includes updated information on key capital improvement projects, including project descriptions, photos, information and resources, and project contact information. You can also sign up for email updates on “Be Excited! Be Prepared” projects overall, and many projects have opportunities to sign up for project-specific updates. Where possible, project pages will include video content or web cams of the project sites as well. 

How can I ask a question or submit a comment?

  • Submit questions or comments anytime via Santa Monica’s Government Outreach Customer Service System. Your request will automatically be sent to the right staff member, and you will receive a tracking number and a response within ten days - though most requests are handled in less time.
  • Project pages include contact phone numbers for each project. You can also call City Hall at (310) 458-8411.
  • With questions about the "Be Excited! Be Prepared" information campaign, email

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