Santa Monica
Wellbeing Project

Santa Monica’s Wellbeing Project can be summed up in 3 words: Define. Measure. Act.
We will define wellbeing as it relates to our community.
We will create a new tool to measure wellbeing in our community.
We will work together to actively improve the conditions needed for people to thrive.

Project News

Exploring the Science Behind Wellbeing

Under the leadership of RAND, in partnership with the UK's New Economics Foundation, an international panel of experts recently held its first session to weigh in on various aspects of The Wellbeing Project, including potential uses for a local wellbeing index in local government. Panelists represent a broad range of disciplines, including behavioral science, psychology, economics, sustainability, public policy, public health, and technology. Information yielded will inform development of the local wellbeing index, a new metric providing a multidimensional view of wellbeing at the community level. 

The What, Why & How of Measuring Community Wellbeing

Not sure what wellbeing is or how it can be measured? Download our whitepaper, "A City of Wellbeing: The What, why & how of measuring community wellbeing" to learn more.

About the Project

The Wellbeing Project is Santa Monica’s winning entry in Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayors Challenge.