11th Annual Santa Monica International Teen Film Festival

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Fest 2015

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We received over 800 Submissions this year from all across the globe! We are currently "checking in" all of the submissions and making sure all filmmakers are of age and all films are appropriate to screen. Once they have been checked in they will go to our selection committee.

We hope to inform all selected filmmakers by Friday, May 27th!

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Thank you to the Santa Monica Office of Sustainability & The Environment for sponsoring our WithoutaBox account allowing us to do paperless submissions and have a GREEN Film Festival!



Relativity School of Film, Media and Performing Arts is the only school of its kind created with a motion picture studio. Relativity Media has produced such films as Safe Haven, Mirror Mirror, Immortals, Act of Valor and many others. In addition to teaching the skills needed to be a successful filmmaker, Relativity School trains students to embrace the possibilities of the digital world by building out their online "distribution" channels in an organized and effective way. The school's programs are built around the idea that storytelling is fun and collaborative. Summer 2015 camps begin July 15! 



Here is a complete list of winners of our 10th Annual International Teen Film Festival

BEST OF FESTIVAL - "The Rhythm of Healing" by, Imani Cook-Gist

BEST LIVE ACTION FILM - "Below the Surface" by, Nemma Sedeghi & Rona Ahdout

2nd Place BEST LIVE ACTION - "Over the Mountain By the Sea" by, Alex Herz

BEST DOCUMENTARY - "The Rhythm of Healing" by, Imani Cook-Gist

2nd Place BEST DOCUMENTARY - "Searching for Green" by, Max Kessler

BEST ANIMATION - "Tick Tock" by, Tiffany Shin

BEST MUSIC VIDEO / EXPERIMENTAL - "We All Go The Same" by, Morgana McKenzie

SUSTAINABILITY AWARD - "Searching for Green" by, Max Kessler

SANTA MONICA BUDDING FILMMAKER - "Bee Eff Eff's" by, Tiana Marsh 

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Screening #1 - "In Due Time" by, Dylan DeVol

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Screening #2 - "S-Halls" by, Hunter Aarnioski & Matthew Gibson


Here is a complete list of winners of our 9th Annual International Teen Film Festival

BEST OF FESTIVAL - "The Talk" by, Hadley Hillel - Washingon

BEST LIVE ACTION FILM - "The Talk" by, Hadley Hillel - Washington

2nd Place BEST LIVE ACTION - "Punch" by, Kendra McCulty, Kyle Plunkett, Niamh Brennan & Rachel Carvill - United Kingdom / Cinemagic Youth Program

BEST DOCUMENTARY - "Freedom From Fear" by, Alana Feldman - Santa Monica

BEST ANIMATION - "Screenwriters Block" by, James Tralie - Pennsylvania

2nd Place BEST ANIMATION - "Feed the Mind" by, Tiana Marsh - Santa Monica

BEST MUSIC VIDEO / EXPERIMENTAL - "Left on the Tracks" by, Kris Theorin - Penn.

BEST ECO-FILM - "Plan It for the Planet" by, Emily Eldridge Hall - Washington D.C.

SANTA MONICA BUDDING FILMMAKER - "Freedom From Fear" by, Alana Feldman 

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Screening #1 - "Hope For Our Own" by, Riley Beres & Jimmy Deshler - Los Angeles

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Screening #2 - "Diminishing Returns" by, Christian Rolsales, Charlie Greco, Sam Chester & Hana Kraus - Santa Monica

AUDIENCE CHOICE - Screening #3 - "Lea's Family" by, Freddy MacDonald - Santa Monica

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This Year's Screenings


  • Saturday July 9th, 2016:
    (age 13 & up)
  • Sunday July 10th, 2016:
    (all ages)

Past  Winners  


Prizes include a public screening, gift certificates & trophies. Best Local Film will win the coveted "Santa Monica Budding Filmmaker Award". Best overall film will receive a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the Relativity Workshops. A 3 week filmmaking intensive in Los Angeles provided by the Relativity School of Film, Media and the Performing Arts. (Value $3,500!)


  • Best of Festival
  • Best Live Action
  • Best Experimental / Music Video
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Animation
  • Santa Monica Budding Filmmaker (for most promising filmmaker going to school or residing in Santa Monica)
  • Eco Film Award (for a film that best represents the spirit of Environmentalism)
  • Audience Choice Award, each screening

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