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    Rent Control's 2015 Consolidated Annual Report is now available and can be accessed here.  As the Agency has done in recent years, the Annual Report combines the substance of Rent Control Board Annual Reports, Impact of the Ellis Act, and Impact of Market Rate Vacancies, three reports issued independently in previous years.  By combining them in the same report, the Consolidated Annual Report presents yearly information regarding the status of controlled rental housing as well as a summary of the Board's and Agency's activities during the year.



    Tenant Seminar May 3rd

    Rent Control is offering our annual free seminar for tenants on the evening of Tuesday, May 3rd. The seminar covers the basics of the Rent Control Law including how much rent an owner may charge, what amenities are included with a unit, remedies available for maintenance issues and eviction protections. For details, read the seminar flyer here.

    2015 Registration Fee & Pass-Through Update

    When Santa Monica voters passed Measure FS in the November 2014 election, they limited the portion of the fees that landlords may pass through to tenants to 50% of the fee. There was no increase in this year's registration fee, and it remains $174.96 per controlled unit. However, beginning in September 2015, the portion of the fee that may be passed through to tenants will go down. The tenants' share starting in September 2015 will be $7.29 per month.


    Owners Must Disclose Tenant Rights Prior to Making Buyout Offers

    At the Board's March 12th meeting, a new regulation was adopted (Regulation 9011) to effectuate Santa Monica Municipal Code Section 4.56.050(b), which requires landlords to serve a notice on tenants of certain rights before the landlord makes a buyout offer to the tenant. The notice required by the regulation is now available at the Board's office and here. At its April 9th Board meeting the Board amended the new regulation to require landlords to file "buyout agreements" with the Rent Control Board. Tenants are under no obligation to accept buyout offers and should realistically evaluate whether any amount offered is sufficient to cover the loss of a controlled rental unit.


    Vacancy Unit Registration FormThe Vacancy Unit Registration Form is Now Available Online!

    Until now, the Rent Control Board has required owners to register new tenancies on a 3-part multicolored form that was only available from our office. Now, a single-page form can simply be downloaded for this purpose. Much of the form can be filled out online using your keyboard, but since the Rent Control Law requires a statement signed under penalty of perjury, owners must print out and sign the completed form and then mail it or bring it to Rent Control. Traditional, 3-part forms are still available for those who want them, but to get one right away, use this link to download the Vacancy Unit Registration Form from the following page.
     emailElectronic Communications Sign-Up

    In keeping with the goals of a sustainable Santa Monica, the Rent Control Agency is giving people who receive communications from the Agency the option of having future communications that are available electronically delivered by email.  To sign up to receive Rent Control communications electronically, click here to access a sign-up form.


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