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    Fall Newsletter Drops This Week

    A new issue of Rent Control News is hitting your mailboxes this week, and it is full of useful information for tenants and owners alike. Feature articles cover the impact of the recent election and the City's developing response to the drought, including how property owners and tenants might be affected. We also provide a number of community resources for issues as varied as getting legal advice, dealing with clutter and staying in touch during emergencies. As always, each tenant can also check the Maximum Allowable Rent for their unit, which is printed on the inside flap. Look for the fall issue in your mailbox, or if you just can't wait, view it here.


    Landlord / Tenant Forum:  Legal Rights and Responsibilities

    Rent Control Staff and members of the Consumer Protection Division of the City Attorney's Office will host a free discussion of landlords' and tenants' rights and responsibilities at a forum on Wednesday, December 3rd at Thelma Terry Center. Among the topics will be a landlord's right to enter a unit, actions prohibited by the Tenant Harassment Law and an overview of the Rent Control Law. Registration is required by November 26th, so if you're a tenant, manager, property owner or any other interested party, get the details and sign up today at


    You Are Not Required to Accept a Buyout

    A business is offering payments to induce tenants of rent-controlled apartments to move. YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO ACCEPT.  Nor does the law allow you to be harassed, bullied, or pressured into accepting. If you are considering accepting such a payment, you should realistically evaluate whether it is sufficient to cover the long-term loss of a controlled rent.

    Registration Fees Were Due By Friday, August 1

    All annual rent control registration fee payments were due by Friday, August 1st.  To pass through $13.00/month to tenants, owners must have paid the fees in full by the due date.  You may contact the Rent Control Office to verify if payments were made on time.

    Phone: 310-458-8751 

    Online PaymentPay Your Bill Online

    You may now pay your registration fee bill online by using your credit card or an electronic transfer from your checking account. Click here or on the 'Online Bill Pay' image to access the website where you can set up an online payment. There is a 2.5% convenience fee to use the service for your credit card or a $0.35 convenience fee for the service to pay by electronic check. These convenience fees are charged by the companies we contract with for these services.  You will need the bill from Rent Control for necessary payment information, as well as your bank's routing number and your account number for payment by check, or your credit card number for payment by credit card.

    Warning: If you elect to make an eCheck payment, in order to receive a receipt you must have your popup blockers disabled. If you do not get a confirmation receipt after submitting your payment, do not submit another payment. Please contact the Rent Control Agency during business hours at 310-458-8751 to verify if payment was received.

    2014 General Adjustment Announced by Board

    Using the methodology approved by the voters with the passage of Measure GA two years ago, the Rent Control Board announced a 2014 annual general adjustment of 0.8%. The general adjustment is calculated based on the rate of inflation. Specifically, it is equal to 75% of the percentage increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI - All Urban Consumers, Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange County region) for the 12-month period ending in March of each year, rounded to the nearest tenth decimal place. The law also provides that the Board can apply a fixed dollar-amount maximum increase after holding a public hearing.

    For 2014, the calculation is as follows:

    Percentage increase in CPI for 12 months ending March 2014:  1.0%
    Seventy-five percent of 1.0%:  0.75%
    Rounded to the nearest tenth decimal place:  0.8%

    After hearing from the public on June 12th, the Board voted to impose a ceiling of $14 on the general adjustment.  The ceiling is also determined by a voter-approved formula.  For units with maximum allowable rents of $1,687 or more, the general adjustment will be $14. 

    Owners and tenants will receive a mailing from Santa Monica Rent Control in late June with final details of this year's general adjustment.


    Rent Control Chairperson Todd Flora recently went before the City TV cameras to prepare a short, informative video about the work of the Rent Control Board. Click on the following link and get a behind-the-scenes view of the agency's day-to-day work and recent developments. Rent Control Boards & Commissions Video
    Rent Control Agency Publishes 2013 Consolidated Annual ReportAnnual_Report13sm

    As with last year, this year's Consolidated Annual Report integrates what in past years had been issued as three separate reports: The Status of Controlled Rental Housing, the Impact of Market Rate Vacancy Increases and the Impact of the Ellis Act. You can read this year's consolidated report here


    Vacancy Unit Registration FormThe Vacancy Unit Registration Form is Now Available Online!

    Until now, the Rent Control Board has required owners to register new tenancies on a 3-part multicolored form that was only available from our office. Now, a single-page form can simply be downloaded for this purpose. Much of the form can be filled out online using your keyboard, but since the Rent Control Law requires a statement signed under penalty of perjury, owners must print out and sign the completed form and then mail it or bring it to Rent Control. Traditional, 3-part forms are still available for those who want them, but to get one right away, use this link to download the Vacancy Unit Registration Form from the following page.
     emailElectronic Communications Sign-Up

    In keeping with the goals of a sustainable Santa Monica, the Rent Control Agency is giving people who receive communications from the Agency the option of having future communications that are available electronically delivered by email.  To sign up to receive Rent Control communications electronically, click here to access a sign-up form.


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