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2015 Urban Water Management Plan Update 

The City of Santa Monica is requesting comments on the final draft 2015 Urban Water Management Plan which presents the City's long-term strategy for managing its water resources and maintaining water quality.  A Public Hearing to adopt the plan will be held as part of the City Council meeting on May 24, 2016.  Click here for meeting details and how to submit comments.

5% Water Rate Increase Approved for 2016

On February 23rd, 2016, City Council approved a partial suspension of the planned 9% water rate increase for calendar year 2016, opting instead to implement a 5% rate increase.  The new rates will be effective on bills issued after March 1, 2016 for meter read periods beginning January 1, 2016 (meter read periods are approximately 61 days in length).  View the State of the Water Fund report presented to Council.

Rate Study Report

The rate study addressing the analysis of forecast revenues and expenditures in the Water Fund is available at the following link:

Prop 218 Notice (Proposed Water Rates)

On January 5th, 2015, a notice of the City's proposed water rates was sent to all City of Santa Monica parcel owners and water rate payers.

Below is the link to the notice that explains the rationale for the rate increase, the proposed schedule, and procedures to submit a written protest.

Questions About Your Water Bill?

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