Drought Response

On November 24th, a community forum was held at the Ken Edwards Center giving businesses and residents an opportunity to learn about the City's Water Shortage Response Plan from City staff.



The 8th annual Spring Green Expo, hosted by the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, next to Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles, is a unique one-day educational event offering the opportunity to learn what steps you can take to live an environmentally friendly lifestyle.
Spring Green Expo website


Water Shortage Advisory in Effect


Use 20% Less Water to Reach Our Goal

Did you know that the average Santa Monican used 134 gallons of water each day in 2013?

Did you know that half our water comes from Northern California and the Colorado River?

To meet the City's self-sufficiency goal to stop importing water by 2020, each person needs to reduce their water use to 123 gallons a day - a savings of 4,000 gallons, per person, per year. It's up to us to achieve this goal. We can do this together!

Water Saving Tips for Apartment Residents pdf

Water Saving Tips for Homeowners pdf

Pledge to Save Water

Join with others in the community in taking action to conserve this precious resource.

6 Tips to save 20%

  • Turn off the tap when brushing teeth - save 3,000 gallons / year
  • Shorten shower by 2 minutes - save 3,000 gallons / year
  • Install a WaterSense toilet - save 5,000 gallons / year
  • Fix Leaks - save 12,000 gallons / year
  • Reduce Irrigation run times by 1 - 3 minutes each cycle - save 15,000 gallons / year
  • Replace lawn with climate-appropriate plants - save 15,000 gallons / year

water patrol   

Report Water Waste:

Include address, violation, date and time.
email: code.enforcement@smgov.net 
phone: 310-458-4984

New Rebates - Up to $5,000

Less red tape, online application. Get paid to save water and the environment. Visit our Rebates Page, or call 310.458.8972
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