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Today's Upcoming Schedule

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7:30 AM Throwback: Santa Monica Weekly #12
8:00 AM Forever Yoga
8:30 AM Let's Talk - Jackie Lacey and Molley Davis, MSW
9:00 AM Get Out! - Santa Monica Yoga / Uplifters Kitchen / Evett's Model Shop
9:15 AM Be Green - Barnana / Hostelling International Santa Monica / Los Angeles Waterkeeper
9:30 AM Metro Motion
10:00 AM Connie Martinson Talks Books: Ditta M. Oliker 'The Light Side of the Moon' & Gary William Cross 'Vial 023'
10:30 AM Connie Martinson Talks Books: David Putnam 'The Replacements'
11:00 AM Cheap Eats-The Bagel Factory / Tatsu Ramen / Coffee Tomo
11:15 AM Be Green
11:30 AM Non-Profit Profiles
12:00 PM Throwback: Santa Monica Weekly #13
12:30 PM Metro Motion
1:00 PM SAMOHIghlights Fall '14 #4
1:30 PM Girl Central - Prom Date / Celebrity Influences
2:00 PM Tea Time with Rosie's Girls
2:30 PM Santa Monica on Stage - Leo Garcia and Patrick Kennelly / Allen Robert Gross and Ricardo Escobar
3:00 PM Throwback: Santa Monica Weekly #14
3:30 PM CityTV Throwback Show - The Lucky Man
4:30 PM CityTV Throwback Show - Connie Martinson Talks Books: Bruce Dern (2009)
5:00 PM Cheap Eats
5:15 PM Cheap Eats
5:30 PM Metro Motion
6:00 PM Throwback: Santa Monica Weekly #15
6:30 PM Special Presentation: 31st Annual Celebration of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
8:00 PM Twilight Concert Series - The Mynabirds
9:00 PM Twilight Concert Series: Rebirth Brass Band, Part 1
10:00 PM Cheap Eats
10:15 PM Cheap Eats
10:30 PM Throwback: Santa Monica Weekly #17
11:00 PM Santa Monica Pier Stories: Judith Meister and Linda Sullivan
11:30 PM Made By Hand: Sara Smelt - Felting
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