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City Manager's Office 

City Manager Rick Cole (310) 458-8301
Assistant City Manager Elaine Polachek (310) 458-8301
Deputy City Manager Danielle Noble (310) 458-8301
Assistant to the City Manager Matthew Mornick (310) 458-8301
Communications and Public Affairs Officer Debbie Lee (310) 458-8301
Community Outreach Kathy LeProvost (310) 458-8301
Seascape and Public Information Carrie Lujan (310) 458-8301
Office of Sustainability & the Environment Dean Kubani (310) 458-2213
Office of Pier Management Rod Merl (310) 458-8216
Office of Emergency Management Robert Almada (310) 458-2263

Government Outreach

The Government Outreach (GO) System is a customer service center by which you can submit valuable feedback to the City.

CLICK HERE to report a problem or enter a comment, complaint, or concern into the system and your message will be automatically delivered to the correct City department or division. You will receive a reply and tracking number.

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