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Ready to move, Santa Monica?

Tired of sitting in traffic on the I-10? Steady growth in the region is expected to increase traffic on the I-10 freeway and major east-west streets. But by 2016, the EXPO Line will offer a great option for Santa Monicans to move around town gridlock-free, and get from here to Downtown LA in less than 50 minutes—even during rush hour! The Exposition Light Rail Project (Expo LRT) is a 15-mile light rail line extending from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Santa Monica and will be the first extension of Metro rail to the west side.  When complete, it should take 46 minutes to travel from Downtown Los Angeles to Downtown Santa Monica. The project, which has come to fruition after over twenty years of collaboration and planning between multiple jurisdictions, is part of a significant county-wide investment in transportation.

Expo LRT in Santa Monica will consist of three stations, a maintenance facility, a bike path, and approximately three miles of trackway.  East of 17th Street, tracks will run in the existing Metro right-of-way located south of Colorado and crossing to the south side of Olympic Boulevard near 20th Street. West of 17th Street the tracks will run in the center of Colorado Avenue. The three stations in Santa Monica will be 26th Street/Bergamot, 17th Street/Santa Monica College, and Downtown Santa Monica (at 4th/Colorado).

The Expo LRT to Santa Monica is a significant and long-term public investment in transit, city-wide and regional mobility, and sustainability.  It will provide Santa Monica residents, employees, students and visitors with easier access to major destinations both locally and regionally. The light rail stations were incorporated in the City’s Land Use and Circulation Element (LUCE), and are part of an integrated citywide strategy to reduce greenhouse gases and achieve no net new evening peak trips. Project completion is targeted for 2015 with MTA revenue operation starting late 2015 to early 2016.

For more information on the project, visit BuildExpo.org.

For information on the Expo Maintenance Facility, click here.

For information on the Buffer Park, click here

For information of the Exposition Corridor Bikepath, click here.

Know Before You Go


For the week of August 24, 2015, please note the following activities:
1. Train Testing This Week- The Expo Light Rail Line extension from Culver City to Santa Monica is scheduled for train testing activities in Santa Monica this week and will continue for several months. The trains are now operated on their own power. Testing will be ongoing along the entire alignment in Los Angeles and Santa Monica. The testing activity will test train clearances, the Overhead Catenary System which powers the trains, the crossing gates and traffic signals, and all related systems before the project is turned over to Metro for pre-revenue operations.
Safety Tips:
• Please obey all warning signs and traffic signals when crossing the tracks.
• Always look both ways before crossing any street.
• Never walk on railroad tracks.
• Watch for trains from both directions.
• Use the crosswalks.
• Do not jaywalk across the tracks.
2. Colorado Avenue between 5th & 18th Streets – Expect westbound and eastbound street closures during daytime hours. Alleys on the North side of Colorado between 6th and 18th Street will have limited access at Colorado.
3. Olympic Blvd. between 20th St. and Stewart St. – Eastbound and Westbound lane closures 24 hours per day from Monday to Friday.
4. Stewart St. between Olympic Blvd. and Exposition Blvd.- Northbound and Southbound lane closures during daytime hours.

Visit KBUG, our Facebook page, SMConstructs, and construction notices at:

For more information about the Expo Line project, visit BuildExpo.org or call (213) 922-EXPO (3976). Traffic control measures will be employed in all work zones.

Detour Information

Due to Expo Light Rail Construction, Big Blue Bus Route 5 has been detoured from Colorado Ave. to Broadway. Buses will be detoured in both directions. Starting on 20th St. at Colorado Ave. (to the East), buses will travel along Broadway between 20th St. and 4th St. (to the West). Regular route will resume towards Wilshire Blvd. For more information on this project, a map and a list of stops, visit www.BigBlueBus.com or call (310) 451-5444.

For more information about the Expo Line project, visit BuildExpo.org or call (213) 922-EXPO (3976).


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  • From August 24, 2015 to August 30, 2015


  • On Colorado Avenue, from 5th Street to 17th Street (westbound and eastbound lane closures)
  • On 26th Street, from Olympic Blvd. to Cloverfield Blvd.
  • On Stewart Street, from Olympic Blvd. to Exposition Blvd.
  • On Olympic Blvd, from 20th Street to Stewart Street


  • Exposition Construction Authority Hotline
  • (213) 922-EXPO (3976)
  • Alex Nazarchuk
  • City of Santa Monica
  • Civil Engineer
  • (310) 458-8736

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Project Contacts

Expo Construction Authority
Contact: info@buildexpo.org

Hotline: 213.922.EXPO (3976)

Main Office: 213.243.5500
707 Wilshire Boulevard, 34th Floor | Los Angeles, CA 90017

1685 Main St., Santa Monica, CA 90401 · (310) 458-8411 · TTY (310) 917-6626