Creative Capital: Culture, Community, Vision

A plan for the Development of Santa Moncia's Arts and Culture

Through a yearlong process of research and dialogue, Santa Monica has crafted a collective vision for the future of the
arts and culture and developed strategies for its fulfillment. Over two hundred community members discussed issues
and opportunities, vision and challenges in Town Hall and neighborhood meetings, interviews and via an interactive
website; they participated in a broad array of workshops, completed surveys and nominated favorite cultural icons. In
addition, several commissioned studies provided a detailed portrait of Santa Monica’s creative sector. Based on this new
understanding, Creative Capital offers a plan for the city’s continued cultural development. The plan was adopted unaniomously
by City Council in 2007.

Santa Monica Creative Capital Plan
Santa Monica Creative Capital Plan, Executive Summary

Santa Monica has perhaps the highest concentration of creative individuals in the US—
in terms of both residents and employment. 

Last updated: 12/22/2011
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