Santa Monica Artist Fellowships


$4,000 Project Fellowships are available to artists who have resided in or maintained a professional studio in Santa Monica for at least one year. Guidelines are available by clicking here. Applicants must read guidelines before applying.  Applications will be available on the Grants Online website January 19th. The deadline for applications is noon on Tuesday, February 28th. 

Congratulations to 2017 Fellows, Phyllis Green, Suzanne Lacy, Clayton Campbell, Alex Donis, and Michael Roth! 

Santa Monica Artist Fellows 

2010    2011    2012       2014   2015
Phyllis Green    Lita Albuquerque        Eileen Cowin    Helen K. Garber   Carl Cheng
Diane Meyer    Patrick Kennelly    John Humble    Cynthia Ling Lee   Eileen Cowin
Meena Nanji    Rudy Perez    Cynthia Ling Lee    Doni Silver Simons    Mitch Greenhill       
Allen Ruppersberg      Lionel Popkin    David McDonald      Donna Sternberg   Dan Kwong
Analia Saban    Jody Zellen    Michael C. McMillen    Charles Yu   Lionel Popkin

2016   2017   2018       
Luciana Abait   Clayton Campbell          
Lita Albuquerque   Alex Donis          
Laila Lalami   Phyllis Green           
Robin Mitchell   Suzanne Lacy          
Jody Zellen   Michael Roth          

Sponsored by the City of Santa Monica Cultural Affairs Division, the Santa Monica Artist Fellowship provides direct support to artists in order to nourish the creation of new work by Santa Monicans, recognize excellence and acknowledge our community’s high regard for creativity and innovation. The program is one of the largest, city-based individual artist grants in the U.S. Three Project Fellowships of $4,000 are (newly increased grant size) available by application. Santa Monica-based artists seeking support for study, individual exploration, in-depth exchange or creative opportunities related to the development or presentation of new work may apply. Two grants of $20,000 are also awarded annually to Santa Monica artists. These Fellows are selected from a roster of nominated artists by a panel of curators and arts professionals approved by the Santa Monica Arts Commission.


Professional artists who create, rather than interpret, original work, and who either reside in the City of Santa Monica or maintain a professional studio and business license in the city, are eligible to apply. Project Fellowship applicants must have met the residency requirements for more than one year. (Five years for nominated Fellows.)

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Rudy Perez download/overload, 2012
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To assist in the efforts of creating a sustainable city, Cultural Affairs not only recognizes the importance of incorporating the City’s sustainable design in its projects, but also values its role in creating a healthy work environment for staff that supports the City’s sustainability policies and models sustainable best practices for the office place.

Cultural Affairs is continuously working towards implementing sustainable practices that will provide staff with a greener and healthier workplace. We have implemented simple practices such as purchasing supplies that will have less impact on the environment, using less-toxic cleaning products, reducing waste, practicing water efficiency, and promoting green commuting by ride-sharing, walking and providing staff with a Bike@Work bicycle.

 Cultural Affairs' Green Office Certification is modeled after the Santa Monica Green Business Certification Program, a free program that provides sustainability consultation services to businesses that operate in Santa Monica.