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Meet the Board




Front row, l-r: Steve Duron, Vice-Chairperson; Nicole Phillis, Chairperson; Anastasia Foster;

Back row, l-r: Christopher Walton and Todd Flora



Tracy Condon, Executive Director
Neil Wessel, Public Information Manager
Stephen Lewis, General Counsel
Amy Regalado, Hearings Department Manager

Meet the Rent Control Board

The Rent Control Board is composed of five elected members, often referred to as Commissioners. The Board usually meets one or more times per month on Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers in City Hall. The agenda is posted outside the Rent Control Office, and any staff report is available for review at the public counter.

The Board encourages City residents to attend its meetings, particularly when a public hearing is scheduled. This provides the Commissioners an opportunity to hear comments on proposed regulations and programs. Commissioners also read all letters addressed to them.  If a letter asks the Board to act on a particular matter, the letter may be placed on the meeting agenda. 

At the February 11, 2016 meeting of the Santa Monica Rent Control Board, the Board considered applications submitted by two parties who expressed an interest in being appointed to fill the position that was vacated following the retirement of Commissioner Ilse Rosenstein.  After hearing from Anastasia Foster and Elaine Golder-Gealer, the Board voted to appoint Ms. Foster to fill the unscheduled vacancy on the Board.  Following her appointment, Ms. Foster was sworn in, immediately assumed her seat and participated in the remainder of the meeting.

Anastasia Roark Foster will serve until the next municipal election in November 2016, when the current term for the seat expires.  The successful candidate in the election will serve a full term through December 2020.

Upcoming Meeting(s): June 9, 2016


Rent Control Agency Services  

Together, the Rent Control Board and the Rent Control Agency carry out the Rent Control Law’s five basic goals:

  • Controlling residential rents;
  • Limiting the grounds for eviction;
  • Preserving rental housing;
  • Encouraging maintenance; and
  • Ensuring rental-property owners a fair return.

Rent Control Agency staff administer day-to-day operations, including: 

  • Answering questions about Rent Control Law; 
  • Providing information about rent-controlled properties; 
  • Advising how much rent may be collected for any specific rent-controlled unit;  
  • Providing information about and referrals to other services in the community; and
  • Holding hearings regarding individual rent decreases or increases, rent overcharges, rent levels and amenities, and tenant(s) not in occupancy. 
To communicate with Commissioners or Rent Control Agency staff, call (310) 458-8751 or send a letter or e-mail to the Rent Control Office.


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