Plan Check

Plan Check is the City of Santa Monica’s process of reviewing and approving all drawings, and specifications for improvements to verify compliance with building, zoning, and fire codes. The plan check process is complementary to the permit process and may include over-the-counter plan check for certain projects. Complex projects are recommended to also complete a Pre-submittal Review.

Plan Check Application

Over the Counter Plan Check (OTC)

Some projects qualify for over the counter services. Turnaround time for the initial plan check is 0-3* days and same day for resubmittals. Paper plans accompanied with CD are acceptable at the Public Counter. Projects that qualify for over the counter plan check include:

  • Small Interior residential remodels less than 2,500 sq ft
  • Office TI's less than 2,500 sq ft with no structural & minor M/P/E.
  • Single Family Residential room additions nonstructural on flat land, and single story less than 500 sq ft
  • Patios
  • Signs
  • Decks with minimum structural requirements
  • Pool or Spa
  • Fence or retaining wall*
  • Window or door replacements*
  • Reroofing with concrete tile*
  • Any other projects and plan reviews as determined by Plan Check Supervisor

* Time based on project acceptance once plans include all minimum requirements, including required project approvals such as Architectural Review Board approval.

Formal Plan Check

Depending on the type of project the timeline for project turnaround varies. All applications for plan check must include a completed Plan Check Questionnaire. The Questionnaire will also help determine which forms and applications are necessary for a complete submittal. Information regarding Plan Check Documents has been published online to assist applicants in preparing a complete submission.

Documents must be submitted electronically through ePlans.