Landmarks Commission

Established in 1975, the mission of the Landmarks Commission is “To protect improvements and areas which represent the City's cultural, social, economic, political and architectural history; safeguard the City's historic, aesthetic and cultural heritage; and promote the use of landmarks and historic districts for the education, pleasure and welfare of the people.” [SMMC 9.36.040]


  • Designate landmarks and historic districts
  • Conduct evaluations of applications for designation of historic resources
  • Regulate and control the alteration of any landmark
  • Maintain a current listing and description of designated historic resources
  • Provide for a suitable, sign, plaque or other marker indicating the designation
  • Participate in environmental review procedures

Meetings & Minutes

The Landmarks Commission meets on the 2nd Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Council Chambers, City Hall, 1685 Main Street, Santa Monica, California.

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