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Santa Monica Receives Cool Planet Award for Energy Savings and Climate Work

The City of Santa Monica has received the 2014 Cool Planet Award, which recognize cities, universities and businesses that demonstrate leadership in energy and carbon management.

Santa Monica's 15x15 Climate Action Plan and Sustainable City Plan, two drivers of innovation, were recognized as important factors in the prize. Santa Monica established the Climate Action Plan, with the short-term goal of reducing community greenhouse gas emissions 15 percent below 1990 levels by 2015. Presently, the city has achieved a total reduction of 14 percent below 1990 levels.
Cool Planet Award Website
Video - 2014 Cool Planet Award Ceremony


New PACE Finance Program Puts Solar and Efficiency Within Reach

The HERO Program is the fastest growing energy efficiency financing solution in the country and is helping to lower utility bills, reduce carbon emissions, and create new jobs every day! With HERO, you will be enabled to have access to fund thousands of energy and water efficiency products that will help lower utility bills.


Switching to LED lighting on the Santa Monica Pier has delivered major energy savings plus improved visibility. Get the full story from LEDs Magazine. pdf

Rebates for solar thermal systems from the California Solar Initiative are available now! Find out more at www.socalgas.com/solar.

Net Zero Energy

Learn about the successes of the City's Solar Santa Monica program in this new short film produced with the California Sustainability Alliance.


City of Santa Monica in Energy Leader Partnership with Southern California Edison - Something to Cheer About!


Cities Taking Lead in Reduction of Greenhouse Gasses

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Grist, the non-profit online environmental news magazine, reports that municipal governments are taking positive steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. While the bulk of media coverage on climate change focuses on often-flawed international attempts at all-encompassing global treaties, it is at the city level that real progress is being made. Check out the article, which takes note of Santa Monica's Community Energy Independence Initiative, as well as Solar Santa Monica.

Energy, in the form of natural gas and electricity, is vital for the operation of our homes and businesses, but it comes at tremendous cost. The production of electricity is the largest polluting industry on earth, producing pollutants that contribute to smog, acid rain, mercury poisoning in lakes, rivers, and oceans, and global warming, to name just a few. Many are working to promote renewable energy sources like wind and solar to help reduce environmental declines, but change comes with much difficulty.
Saving energy is the first step and saves precious non-renewable resources and reduces pollution and unnecessary expenses from your monthly bills.  Self-generation, which is the production or conversion of energy on-site, is a second important step in moving to a sustainable path.

The City of Santa Monica has a commitment to protecting the environment, improving quality of life, and promoting sustainability. In order to fulfill this commitment, the City was the first in the nation to purchase “green” energy produced from non-polluting geothermal sources in Central California.

Businesses rely on intensive amounts of electricity to run equipment, lighting, and air conditioning and the  cost and reliability of that electricity will be an issue for the foreseeable future  However, there are many options available to businesses that help reduce demand and lock in fixed savings. lightbulbs

The City of Santa Monica supports the efforts of commercial establishments to find ways to save energy and install equipment that reduces energy use and minimizes pollution generation. Santa Monica sponsors Green Building Design and Construction training, the Small Business Energy Expo, Solar Installation training, and the Green Building Resource Center.

We are also partners in the Community Energy Partnership, that, along with Irvine, West Hollywood, Brea, Moreno Valley, and Palm Desert, is utilizing Public Benefits Funds acquired through a third-party State administered program, provides resources to conduct programs that include small commercial retrofit measures and educational efforts to reach this underserved sector.

Got Solar?

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Interested in how your neighbor went solar and what their experience was like? Check out our Case Studies of both Residential and Commercial systems.

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Save Energy at Home and at Work
Southern California Edison has a new two-page brochure pdf
full of ways you can save energy at home and at the office. Find out what simple steps you can take, then put them into practice. Saving energy is easier than you think.

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