Green Building

Pico Branch Library in Virginia Avenue Park - Santa Monica's GREENEST Building!

Digging deeper into the many Green Building solutions implemented in the planning and construction of the Pico Branch Library in Virginia Avenue Park.

LEED Platinum on Pico: New Low Income Housing Project


Green Building Innovations on Display at 2602 Broadway


The City of Santa Monica has a commitment to protecting the environment, improving quality of life, and promoting sustainability. In order to fulfill this commitment, the City has established performance standards the new construction projects must meet.  Beyond these requirements, the City also provides information about best practices to reduce environmental impacts associated with buildings. Click on the "Guidelines for Design" link at the upper left for more information.  From the dropdown menu, you can select different areas related to building design and construction.  Within each of those areas, you can access several pages of information about how to build green.  The Introduction to the Guidelines contains background information on Santa Monica’s Green Building Program, as well as explanations of the green building design process.

For more information, or for a more detailed review of your building project, please contact the Green Building office using the contact info at the left.

Online Solar Monitoring

Solar systems that have an online-monitoring feature offer the ability to view real-time data on how much energy is being produced at different times of day.

Pico Branch Library

*Dynamic, panel-specific

Big Blue Bus Facility
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