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Rain Barrel and Cistern Rebate
Harvesting rainwater from your rooftop protects the Santa Monica Bay, safeguards drinking water supplies, and adds a little excitement to your life and landscape - and can put money in your pocket.


  • Large Cistern Rebate: up to $2,000 each (max 2) and must be 500 gallons or more
  • Small Cistern Rebate: up to $500 each (max 4) and must be 200 to 499 gallons
  • Rain Barrel Rebate: up to $200 each (max 8 barrels) and must be less than 200 gallons


  1. Review rebate requirements
  2. Fill-out online application
  3. Email "before" installation photos and copy of receipt to
  4. Complete your project
  5. Schedule Inspection
    email or call: 310-458-8223.
  6. Get final approval and receive check



  • All properties in Santa Monica are eligible, with the exception of new construction, major remodels.
  • Front yards, back yards, side yards, and parkways are eligible for this rebate.


  • Submit "before" photo and receipts. Include address and contact info. Email to, or mail to:
    • Rain Harvest Rebate
      City of Santa Monica
      1717 4th Street, Suite 100
      Santa Monica, CA 90401
  • Failure to provide photos and receipts may disqualify you from receiving rebate funding.
  • Call or email to schedule an inspection. 310-458-8223 or
  • All rainwater storage systems must:
        a.  be connected to a rainwater downspout; 
        b.  not block or restrict access to walkways or pathways;
        c.  be elevated at least 6 inches above the ground (for above ground systems only) on a solid foundation, such as a concrete pad, pavers or blocks (this provision provides stability and pressure to get the water out faster);
        d.  have a cover to prevent mosquitos, rodents, and debris from entering;
        e.  be strapped to your home or building for earthquake safety, if the height of the barrel/cistern is two times greater than the width; and
        f.  be maintained for a minimum of 3 years.
        g. rebate applies to above and below ground systems 
  • Cisterns that are connected to a pressurized irrigation system require a single-trade plumbing permit from the Building & Safety Division located at City Hall.


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