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There are many ways to get involved in the local environmental community. In addition to volunteering at a local or national non-profit organization, you can participate in Santa Monica’s numerous innovative community outreach programs. From participating in a local chapter of “Sustainable Works” to working with the school garden programs, you can get involved!
Santa Monica Volunteer Network

Sustainable Works: Offers City sponsored residential and business environmental workshops to help you save money and improve the community. For more information call (310) 458-8716.

The Center for Environmental and Urban Studies at Santa Monica College  houses an environmental library open to the public and sponsors an environmental lecture series. The physical structure of the Center is also an example of "green" building techniques. For more information call (310) 434-3909.

Santa Monica Chamber of Commerce Environmental Affairs Committee: Promotes an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable community. For more information call (310) 393-9825.

Sustainable Quality Awards (SQA): A joint venture of the City of Santa Monica and the Chamber of Commerce. The SQA recognizes local businesses that make significant achievements in sustainable economic development, social responsibility and stewardship of the natural and built environments. For more information contact the Office of Sustainability & the Environment at (310) 458-2227.

SM-MUSD School Gardens Program: Provides organic gardens at Santa Monica public schools. For more information call (310) 450-8338 x259 or (310) 458-2227.

EarthShare: EarthShare is a payroll-deduction fundraising organization for the environment. For more information call (310) 966-9466.

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