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Priority Parking Rules:

WHITE and GREEN clean air decals are currently valid through January 1, 2019. White, green and ZEV decals allow you to park in any on-street, metered parking space in Santa Monica without charge for the maximum amount of time allowed by that meter.  In other words, if you’re at a 2-hour meter, you can park there free for 2 hours—but beyond that, you’re subject to ticketing for overstaying your welcome. Clean Air Vehicle decals are issued by the state.

Conventionally Fueled Vehicle Information:

Choose Partial Zero Emission Vehicles (PZEV) or Super Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (SULEV).
Other great resources:

Alternative Fueled Vehicles

For general information on alternative fuels refer to the National Alternative Fuels Hotline at (800) 423-1363 or visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Information:

The So. Cal. Gas Co. (SEMPRA) has a compressed natural gas fueling station at 1701 Stewart Street. Call (562) 806-5909 for more information. For information on compressed natural gas vehicles and location of CNG fueling stations visit Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.

Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Buying Information:

Santa Monica EV Charging Locations

Level 2 Chargers in Santa Monica open to the public

View Santa Monica EV Charging Locations in a larger map
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Getting around has its challenges, but going green has never been easier.  The market is offering up new products all the time.  Survey the Greenest, and keep your sights on the Meanest too.


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