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Resource Conservation

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Decrease consumption of non-local, non-renewable, non-recyclable energy, water, materials and fuels; and promote renewable resource use.

Environmental & Public Health

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Minimize or eliminate the use of hazardous and toxic materials and the levels of pollutants entering the air, soil and water.


Sustainable City Plan Goal: Maximize mobility and access and reduce traffic and pollution associated with transportation.

Economic Development

Sustainable City Plan Goal: Nurture a diverse, stable local economy that supports the basic needs of community members.  Increase sustainable business practices.

Open Space & Land Use

Sustainable City Plan Goals: Develop and maintain a diverse open space system that supports the community and the natural environment.  Create mixed-use urban villages.


Sustainable City Plan Goals:  Provide a mix of affordable, livable and green housing types for people of all socio-economic, cultural and household groups.

Community Education & Civic Participation

Sustainable City Plan Goals: Community members participate actively and effectively in civic affairs and community improvement efforts.

Human Dignity

Sustainable City Plan Goals: All community members are able to meet their needs, have adequate access to housing, health care, education, employment, and are empowered to enhance the quality of their lives.
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Sustainable City Plan

Sustainable City Plan pdf

Progress Report

The Sustainable City Progress Report  is your portal into the ways we measure success in meeting our sustainability goals.  The goals, indicators and targets defined in the Sustainable City Plan are measured, point by point, and on display.


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