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SLP 2012 - Advanced

Advanced Sustainable Professionals Landscape Series

Current members of the Sustainable Landscape Design, Installation, or Maintenance Professional Program are required to attend one of these classes once per year to stay in the program.

Water Budgets and Hydrozones - January 31

Advanced training in landscape design using hydrozones based on plant type, micro-climate and irrigation requirements, plus how to create water budgets for these landscapes that satisfy state and local water budget requirements.

Soil Microbiology - March 13

An overview of soil microbiological applications (compost and compost tea) for good soil and plant health. Lessons from an actual case study.

In Field Irrigation Design (taught in Spanish only) - March 27

Meet in the back quad yard.

Soil Moisture Sensors - May 1

Find out about the latest technology in soil moisture-based irrigation control. Which device is best for your application and which ones meet local requirements.

Plants and Irrigation for Containers and In Structure Planters - May 29

This class covers the special considerations for plant choice, soil mix, drainage, irrigation and fertilization that are required for successful plantings in containers and in-structure planters.

Advanced Drip Applications - September 4

Learn about techniques and equipment for designing and installing drip irrigation systems in challenging landscape situations. Prerequisite: Thorough understanding of conventional drip irrigation design and installation techniques.

Irrigation Design for Greywater and Cistern Systems - November 6

Learn about irrigation system design considerations and equipment choices for Auxiliary Water Supply Systems (AWSS) including greywater and cistern systems. Learn how to meet Santa Monica code requirements for AWSS design. Prerequisite: Thorough understanding of conventional drip irrigation design and installation techniques.

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All About Plants

Climate-appropriate, drought-tolerant, California-friendly, water-wise: different ways to say the same thing -- choosing the right plant material is an important part of any sustainable landscape.
Learn More.

A Website for Sore Eyes

Take a gander at some gorgeous gardens, point and click on the plants you like and - voila! - you tap into a wealth of information on that particular plant species.  Click again and you automatically compile a printable list of plants that can easily be handed-off to a landscaper or an attendant at your favorite nursery. 

This tool will go a long way in helping you overcome some of the most significant hurdles in getting your sustainable landscape project started.


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