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Irrigation - Installation

Before you begin


Plans and Inspections

  • Prepare for the required open-trench inspection by city staff prior to covering below grade pipes, laterals and mains.
  • Installer must test the irrigation system to verify that it meets the approved design and specifications.  Landscape irrigation audits, inspections and reports may be generated to document verification.
  • Note changes on an as-built set of plans. Provide a complete As-Built set of plans to the property owner.
  • Final inspection by city staff is required prior to certificate of occupancy to ensure that the system was built to approved plans and specifications.
  • Schedule Inspection: Phone the Office of Sustainability and the Environment: (310) 458-8405.
Lateral pipes ready for inspection

Materials and Technical Specifications

  • Weather-based irrigation controllers (WBIC) are required, and must be programed by the installer. To help determine your irrigation schedule, consult the watering guide. Some WBIC’s also have an establishment feature for early plant development.
  • Pipe laid in the same trench must be laid side-by-side and not overlapped. Provide 3 inch vertical and horizontal clearance between irrigation lines and 6 inch clearance between lines of other work. Do not install parallel lines directly over any other line.
  • PVC fittings must be of the same chemical compound as pipe on which they are installed.
  • PVC cement must be of an appropriate chemical compound for the pipe on which it is used.
Weather based controller

Drip Irrigation

Drip-tubing with stakes

Sprinkler to Rotary Nozzle Conversion

 Rotary_small Rotary nozzle
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