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Santa Monica was the first city to contract for 100% renewable energy during the period when “direct access” was allowed by California’s restructuring of the electric industry. And as a result, our rates following the restructuring of the industry following the market upheavals in 2000 and 2001 were lower than the rates we would have been paying had we stayed with the local provider for our energy generation! This may have just been lucky, but for us it is vindication for having done the “right thing.”


Unfortunately, direct access is no longer a choice for residents or businesses. The State legislation on this topic seems to be in constant flux, refer to the California Energy Commission website for the latest. For more information on renewable resources, contact:
California Energy Commission
U.S Department of Energy: Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Last updated: Thursday, 05/14/2009

Got Solar?

Roof Panels  
Solar Santa Monica is a free service for residents and businesses looking to go solar. Solar experts are available to provide you unbiased technical advice to help you navigate the changing rules, incentives and financing options. Learn more about Solar Santa Monica, or get started by calling 310-804-8449.


Save Energy at Home and at Work
Southern California Edison has a new two-page brochure pdf
full of ways you can save energy at home and at the office. Find out what simple steps you can take, then put them into practice. Saving energy is easier than you think.


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