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Affordable Housing Opportunity

Community Corporation of Santa Monica (CCSM), a non-profit organization that manages and develops affordable housing, just announced the opening of its 2015 Marketing List for affordable rental housing. To qualify for an available unit, interested people must pick up an Appointment Card by the end of December to reserve a seat at one of several seminars in January explaining the application process. Appointment Cards must be picked up in the Community Room at 502 Colorado Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401 only at the times specified in the calendar you can see here. For more information, please read the information sheet of Frequently Asked Questions, go to www.communitycorp.org, or call 310-394-8487.

Proposed Santa Monica Housing Authority Utility Allowance Schedules for 2015

The Santa Monica Housing Authority's (SMHA) utility allowance is its estimate of the monthly cost of the reasonable consumption of those essential utilities not included in the tenant's rent, but for which the tenant is responsible.

A copy of the proposed Santa Monica Housing Authority Utility Allowance Schedules for 2015 is available here. A comparison chart of proposed changes from 2014 to 2015 is available here. The Santa Monica Housing Authority has received written comments regarding proposed changes to the Utility Allowance Schedules. A summary of the comments received is available at this link.

The Nifty 50: California Reasonable Accommodations and Modifications in Housing

The Consumer Protection Unit of the Santa Monica City Attorney's Office has launched a new website for tenants with disabilities and their landlords. The website will compile 50 real-life stories of accommodations and modifications that can be made to improve access and enjoyment of housing for tenants with disabilities. You can view this resource at www.reasonableaccommodations.org




Our Mission

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The Housing Division is dedicated to preserving existing affordable housing in Santa Monica and creating new housing opportunities for residents with low and moderate incomes. Pressures on the existing housing stock in Santa Monica from market forces and changes to state and federal laws will impact affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income persons and families. The Housing Division works with private affordable housing developers and multifamily property owners to ensure that economic diversity, a hallmark of Santa Monica, continues to flourish and that longtime residents can remain in their households.

Publicly Assisted Housing Map

This MAP illustrates the affordable housing developments in Santa Monica created through investment of federal, state and local affordable housing funds.


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